Happy Birthday To Legendary Smith… JOHNNY MARR

Memorable live performances…

To celebrate John Martin Maher aka Johnny Marr‘s 54 birthday – born 31 October 1963 – here’s a dazzling 2013 live version of HOW SOON IS NOW performed at the KRCW Studios in Los Angeles. The ex-Smith shows what a legendary guitar hero is all about…

JOHNNY MARR: Website – Facebook – Twitter

A year later ‘The Messenger’ played that same classic and several solo crackers in Belgium…

WULLAE WRIGHT Unleashes ‘KILLER CLOWNS IN TRANSIT VANS’ To Soundtrack Your Halloween Party…

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


31 October 2017

British DIY singer/songwriter WULLAE WRIGHT just released his 6th album, titled ‘COGs’.
A record of tormented, raw, mixed emotions and creepy characters like in this bitingly ramshackle stroke KILLER CLOWNS IN TRANSIT VANS. A song about myths, legends,
and nightmares says the author. Sounds to me like a perfect deranged sonic ripper to scare your guests at your HALLOWEEN party tonight. Have fun…

Now you’re here why not surprise your invitees with
some more pitch-black traumas. Here’s COGs in full…

WULLAE WRIGHT: Twitter – Bandcamp

Self-made artwork for COGs album…

To Hell With Blue Mondays – KALLI MA Will Give You A… ‘HIGH SHOT’

Weekly firework to kick Blue Mondays in the ass…

Did you ever heard Chemical Brothers, Leftfield and The Happy Mondays in one and the same track? London’s electronic duo KALLI MA new single HIGH SHOT has all the e’s
of the aforementioned dance experts. Energy, ecstasy and euphoria. This elevating trip, with exotic vocals by Elizabeth Anne Martin will energize all of your senses. It’s exaltation
for your elastic body and esurient mind. The ‘ebeneezer goode’ mood is back, no doubt about that. Press the button, take a black grape and get higher…


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MOGWAI – Released Their Innovative Debut Album ‘YOUNG TEAM’ 20 Years Ago Today…

Going back in sonic history…

27 October 2017

Band: MOGWAI (Scotland)

Album: YOUNG TEAM – debut LP

Released: 27 October 1997 – 20 years ago today…

All Music wrote: “Mogwai’s first full-length album fulfills the promise of their early
singles and EPs, offering a complex, intertwining set of crawling instrumentals, shimmering soundscapes, and shards of noise. Picking up where Ten Rapid left off, Mogwai use the sheer length of an album to their advantage, recording a series of songs that meld together — it’s
easy to forget where one song begins and the other ends. The record itself takes its time to begin, as the sound of chiming processed guitars and murmured sampled vocals floats to the surface. Throughout the album, the sound of the band keeps shifting, and it’s not just through explosions of noise — Mogwai isn’t merely jamming, they have a planned vision, subtly texturing their music with small, telling details. When the epic “Mogwai Fears Satan” draws the album to a close, it becomes clear that the band has expanded the horizons of post-rock, creating a record of sonic invention and emotional force that sounds unlike anything their guitar-based contemporaries have created.”

Turn Up The Volume! says: The first time I heard this noise army and the first time I saw them live (Brussels, 1997) they blew me off my feet with their hypnotic noise escapades. Nothing less than a stunning experience!

The striking sonic symphony in full…

MOGWAI: Website – Facebook – Twitter


Garage Blues Rebels With A Noisy Cause – Meet… J.D. HANGOVER

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

Band: J.D. HANGOVER (London,UK)
Who: two sultry blues inspired mortherrockers who “sat in a room with an old friend,
a 1972 Roland TR77 electronic drummer and a 8 tracks 1″ tape Studer recorder. They drank, played music, listened to Alan Vega and Lightnin’Hopkins and they created a sort of alter ego.
A man with no birthplace and no country, who didn’t have ties with anyone but his music.
They called him James Dean Hangover”

Sound: a smoking melting pot, containing a raw dosage of early 60s blues delirium, a poisonous portion of Dr. John‘s voodoo turbulence, a bleeding touch of the Gun Club‘s tortured past and some mystifying blackness. Nasty, damnable, hallucinating and so perfectly out of tune. Beware, as Halloween is approaching, good old mean Satan is on
his way to your town to steal your sinful soul while listening to these garage blues rebels on his brand new, black iPod. You should too otherwise the evil Diabolus will crush your front door and force you himself to listen to J.D. Hangover‘s demonic EP. C’mon, hurry,
play it very loud and pray…

J.D. HANGOVER: Facebook –  Twitter – Label: Annibale Records


Going back in sonic history…

26 October 2017



Released: 28 October 1977 – 40 years ago…

All Music wrote: “While mostly accurate, dismissing ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ as merely a series of loud, ragged mid-tempo rockers with a harsh, grating vocalist and not much melody would be a terrible error. Already anthemic songs are rendered positively transcendent by Johnny Rotten’s rabid, foaming delivery. His bitterly sarcastic attacks on pretentious affectation and the very foundations of British society were all carried out in the most confrontational, impolite manner possible. Most imitators of the Pistols’ angry nihilism missed the point: underneath the shock tactics and theatrical negativity were social critiques carefully designed for maximum impact. ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ perfectly articulated the frustration, rage, and dissatisfaction of the British working class with the establishment, a spirit quick to translate itself to strictly rock & roll terms. The Pistols paved the way for countless other bands to make similarly rebellious statements, but arguably none were as daring or effective. It’s easy to see how the band’s roaring energy, overwhelmingly snotty attitude, and Rotten’s furious ranting sparked a musical revolution, and those qualities haven’t diminished one bit over time. Never Mind the Bollocks is simply one of the greatest, most inspiring rock records of all time.”

Turn Up The Volume! says: It’s simply the best punk rock album ever in my book. All killers, no fillers. Massive machine gun protest killers, thanks to Glenn Matlock‘s sticky tunes, fueled by Steve Jones‘ awesome riffs, Paul Cook‘s hammering power and last but not least, the man in the middle: Johnny Rotten! Without his unique, piercing sneers, biting lyrics, viciously staring eyes and his charismatic appearance the Pistols would have been a far less memorable animal. I just loved his guts, his performance, and his early visions! Unfortunately, Johnny turned into a conscious parody of himself with a pathetic ‘the whole world is against me’ attitude throughout his whole career. Really sad. He started to act and still does as the ROCK STAR character he hated as a teenager. Recently the former punk icon became an American citizen (living for many years already in the rich region of Los Angeles while still claiming he’s ‘with the British working class’) and said on several occasions that he fancies the behavior of fascist idiots Trump & Farage. What a reversal! Goodbye, Johnny…

Three outstanding tracks: God Save The Queen / Bodies / Anarchy In The UK




The monster in full (original tracklist: #1 – #12)…

SEX PISTOLS: Website – Facebook

THE BANKROBBER Return With Highly Intoxicating Dance Floor Filler ‘CLOSER’…

26 October 2017

We championed this thrilling electronic power pop quartet here before for the simple reason that they produce delightful symphonies that make you smile all day long. Yes,
indeed, THE BANKROBBER is a thrilling Italian band without sonic frontiers, formed in 2008. After last year’s delectable 5-track Land Of Tales EP, they return now with brand new single CLOSER. An irresistible dance floor filler, that you’ll have on repeat after one spin. Saturday night fever all the way. Although the song is apparently about an on/off mixed-love-emotions relationship its addictive drive will be certainly approved by electro dance experts New Order, while moaning for not having written this cracker themselves. Get ready, time to stretch your limbs, here we go…

Let’s draw an agreement up before we go
before we go any further with this love.
I don’t feel up to hang out with you tonight
I’m going to lose myself in m’tv screen
and I feel like I told you I’m away
but you’re still always calling me at night
you know it hurts, but I want to be sure
please leave me alone, you got to let me go
I feel it in my bones

I am sorry it’s not worth it
I am human and you are perfect
we just met but we are distant
I’m so sorry we were closer, closer

smoking calms me down
I want to drink with you I want to clear up this mess
but I feel like I told you I’m feeling fine
the ocean is screaming
you know it hurts, but I want to be sure
your voice is calling me and I won’t go
I here take it slow

I am sorry it’s not worth it
I am human and you are perfect
we just met but we are distant
I’m so sorry we were closer, closer

(photo: Daniele Magoni)

THE BANKROBBER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Red-Hot Rock And Roll Sauna With INHEAVEN in Brussels…

INHEAVEN – Botanique, Brussels – 24 October 2017

They’re young. They’re wild. They’re sexy. They rock like hell. They roll all over you. They have it all. They’re INHEAVEN. A blazing 4-piece turbo out of South-London. Their self-titled debut album is a tempestuous fireball, a blustery power plant, dealing with mixed emotions of being young today. Unquestionably, one of this year’s best long-players. All killers, no fillers. Yesterday the hefty gang invaded Brussels. Two songs in and everybody, just everybody, young and old(er) went bananas in the basement club of our capital’s historic building ‘Botanique’. Fueled by frontman James Taylor the whole place went
mental and the temperature rose drastically in less than no time. A string of massive rippers (like Baby’s Alright / Vultures / Regeneration ) alternated with some scream along mid-tempo power pop crackers (like Real Love / All There Is / Drift) turned the venue into
a steamy sauna. The unforgettable highlight of this glowing gig occurred when the band agreed to meet the fans’ begging chants and played stellar rocker ‘Treats’, with charismatic bassist Chloe Little on vocals, once again. WOW! What a tumultuous closer of this storming concert it was, as by that time I was up there on the small stage to take some pics (I know, I’m crazy) of the euphoric audience. But many followed my steps and a stage invasion was inevitable. Party time! ROCK AND ROLL! Awesome night! Unforgettable gig! Thank you, INHEAVEN…

Here’s an idea of the band’s dynamite energy on stage…

I just can’t get enough…

Their smashing debut album in full…

More concert pictures

Treat Chloe right…


There goes James…

Hell yeah…



INHEAVEN: Website – Facebook – Online Store

(all concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)