BLiNDNESS – Different Electro-fying Scores To Match Different Moods On New ‘THE MONSOON’ EP…

Fresh sonic impulses for body and soul…


‘The Monsoon EP’ by BLINDNESS

After releasing their excellent debut album Wrapped In Plastic back in 2015 all female, outspoken electro rock three-piece BLiNDNESS are back with a 6-track EP. It’s a fervid and dark record containing four songs the band already played live for a while (Born Liar, The Next Monsoon, No One Now & Give Out) and two new tracks Head In My Hands and Lessons Learned. The EP was mixed and mastered by Guy Fixsen who has worked with bands like Pixies, MBV, The Breeders, The Telescopes, Laika, Throwing Muses & Wire. The approach in sound varies in order to match the specific spirit of each song. From the steamy opener Born Liar to the monumental, doomy groove of No One Now, from the glowing and intensified ballads Head In My Hands and Lessons Learned to the crushing electricity of The Next Monsoon and Give Out. Different moods, different sonic scores. With echoes from the gloomy, melodic swagger of The Jesus and Mary Chain and the vocal dynamic of Garbage‘s Shirley Manson. Overall the EP is injected with a fervent passion and strong emotions which reminds me of what singer Beth Rettig once said in an interview we did for my fellow American music junkies at 50thirdand3rd about the burning intensity of playing live : “there is something about putting on my boots and eyeliner that gets me ready
for war.”
Passion, indeed! Here’s the EP in full…

The band filmed and edited also video clips for two of the songs. Roll the tape for…



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JENNIFER – Stunning ‘BLACK CAT’ Track From Brand New EP…

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


JENNIFER is a dazzling garage act from London. They released their third EP titled ‘I Can’t Grow A New Heart’ just last month. BLACK CAT is definitely my favorite track. A stupendous psych cracker. Like The Black Angels and The Velvet Undergound jamming on tons of speed. Jingle jangle frenzy! Ace stroke! Here we go…

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Check the new full EP and the previous ones here on Bandcamp

CRYSTAL CITIES – Moony Dream Pop Debut From Down Under…

Vibes that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


‘Who’s Gonna Save Us Now’ by CRYSTAL CITIES

After a year of writing and recording in a garage Sydney‘s trio CRYSTAL CITIES released their 6-track debut EP, titled WHO’S GONNA SAVE US NOW this month. A mesmerizing entirety of sparkling pop reflections. At times the romantic tone of the songs sounds like Band Of Horses and The War On Drugs having a midnight session under a sky full of stars. The title track of the EP, also the single, is my favorite and ‘who’s gonna save us now‘ is also the crucial question for the troubled times we all experience right now on our planet. It’s
a highly appealing pop daydream build around a catchy melody and colored with poetic guitar lines and lighthearted vocals. Moony splendor designed for heart and soul. The accompanying video visualizes the overall nostalgic mood beautifully. Set in the 1940’s,
the clip follows the journey of two young child compadres as they escape from their well-to-do life, exploring the Australian countryside, and searching for truth from a perspective of innocence and vulnerability. Roll the tape, here’s some magic…

I guess we’re all in the right mood
now for more. Here’s the EP in full…

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SPIRITUALIZED – Debut Album ‘LAZER GUIDED MELODIES’ Is 25 – Spiritual Dream Pop Odyssey…

Memorable moments in sonic history!…


‘Lazer Guided Melodies’ by SPIRITUALIZED
Released 30 March 1992 – 25 years ago

What the press said…

“The sound of heaven at times, Spiritualized are making 21st Century gospel.”

“The melodies shimmer and drone and hum like otherworldly pop tunes. One of
the premier dream pop albums, this album is both beautiful and innovative.”

“This arsenal of music technology, old and new, lets Spiritualized work a magic on us
that’s part nostalgia, part sci-fi thrill”

“Lazer Guided Melodies is a mesmerizing journey into another dimension, an experience
not easily matched. The best way to understand this album is to suspend reason and to momentarily leave the left side of your brain at the door.”

Here are three of my favorite tracks…




The cosmic odyssey in full…

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Amsterdam 2015 – a spiritual experience… (photo: Turn Up The Volume!)

SLOWDIVE – Second Shared Track From Comeback Album Is A Melancholic Beauty…

Fresh sonic impulses for your ears…


‘Sugar For The Pill’ by SLOWDIVE


After SLOWDIVE released their smashing new single Star Roving last January, singer & guitarist Neil Halstead talked about the band’s return: “When the band decided to get back together in 2014, we really wanted to make new music. It’s taken us a whole load of shows and a few false starts to get to that point. We’ve been working on a bunch of new tracks and it feels as fun, and as relevant playing together now as it did when we first started. We hope folks enjoy it.” Now the legendary British shoegazers shared a second track from their upcoming, self-titled, comeback album. SUGAR FOR THE PILL is a tender and melancholic promenade. Atmospheric guitars and dreamy vocals. A beauty for the twilight hours…

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Photo on top: photo by TUTV!

SWINE TAX – Discover Debut Single ‘CHRONIC’ – A Highly Cathartic Experience…

Vibes that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


Vince Lisle, a young but also troubled musician based in Newcastle upon Tyne (England)
formed a four-piece band called SWINE TAX in the autumn of last year “with the desire to combine expressive, abrasive rock music with more complex textural and electronic elements.” The singer/songwriter told us about debut single CHRONIC that “it’s a very personal song which interrogates my own feelings of inadequacy in intimate relationships whilst living with a debilitating chronic pain condition. ” The track is a highly captivating experience building up from a quiet, dreamy intro to an intense, passionate and guitar injected eruption that will definitely touch your heart and soul. Discover the profound, sonic catharsis here…


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Open Your Mind For MOON DUO’s New Groovy Journey ‘SEVENS’… From OCCULT ARCHITECTURE VOL. 2

‘Sevens’ by MOON DUO


MOON DUO will release OCCULT ARCHITECTURE VOL. 2, the second part of their two-album project on May 5 via Sacred Bones Records.  Guitarist Ripley Johnson said about the band’s special adventure: “In production we referred to Vol. 1 as the fuzz dungeon, and Vol. 2 as the crystal palace. The darkness of Vol. 1 gave birth to the light of Vol. 2. We had
to have both elements in order to complete the cycle. Listeners can ultimately use the two
volumes individually or together, depending on circumstance or the desired effect.”

The pair just shared a second track from Vol. 2. SEVENS feels like an electrifying and psychedelic fantasy build around a hypnotizing, repetitive electronic groove, intensified now and then with glowing guitar splendor, while moony harmonies add dreamy colors
to this never-ending trip. Mesmeric and catchy as hell. Join the sonic odyssey here…

Now that our heads in the clouds
let’s listen (again) to Vol. 1 in full…
MOON DUO: Tour – Facebook – Twitter

Occult Architecture Vol. 2 – out 5 May

(photo on top: TUTV!)